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Do tooth gems hurt or cause pain?
Tooth gems are bonded on top of the tooth. The process is quick and painless. Time for application can vary and depends on your requested gem design.


Are tooth gems safe?

Tooth gems are installed with dental bond (similar to braces). The process is completely reversible. The jewelry options are non toxic, lead free and/or made of dental gold, all of which are safe for oral use.

Can I wear retainers or Invisalign with tooth gems?

Unfortunately you cannot wear tooth gems with retainers or Invisalign. If you have metal retainers please bring them to your appointment, this way we are able to fit the jewelry after your retainer.

How do I remove my tooth gem?

 Chai Beauty offers removal services for trusted clients only. Any glue resin left on the tooth can be removed at a dental office. We recommend Hoxton Dental as they offer cleaning, removal and check up services in one package.

How long does tooth gems last?

Tooth gems are semi permanent and can last anywhere from months to years depending on factors such as diet, aftercare and mouth acidity. 
Be sure to practice; 
good oral hygiene to prevent staining and cavities
avoid soda (can prolong the life of the tooth gem) 
use a straw when drinking anything sugary, fizzy and/or acidic (includes coffee)


My tooth gem fell off! What do I do?

These things happen! Chai Beauty offers a one month guarantee for crystal gems and a two month guarantee for gold gems. If your gem happens to fall off within the listed timeline, we are more than happy to reapply it for you. 
*For gold gem reapplication, please note that you are required to bring in the gem that fell off — otherwise, you will be charged for the jewelry. 

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